Giulia was born and raised in Lithuania.

With a passion for travel, and the Mediterranean lifestyle, Giulia decided to move to Italy to study at a renowned beauty school in Milan.

Whilst still studying, Giulia worked for an international beauty company, developing her skills through experience, and enhancing her knowledge of beauty products.

Through her work-related meetings in Milan with top dermatologists, she gained insight into beauty products, ingredients and the anti-aging science behind this.

Giulia now has 10 years of experience in beauty care, particularly skin care.

Her area of interest and specialization is focused primarily on the combination of active ingredients on skin and their various adaptations.

Having travelled extensively in Italy, Giulia gained a wide knowledge of different techniques. Whilst working temporarily in Malta a few years ago, she noticed many clients with specific skin problems which appear to be commonplace due to the strong sun and elements typical to the Mediterranean climate.

As a result of her observations in Malta, she decided to use a particular cosmetic brand that was new to Malta and would be ideal to treat the skin problems she encountered during her time here.

The products she uses contain acids (free or acid cocktail) giving a soft, shiny and oxygenated skin. The treatment is suitable for all skin types and is now one of the most popular and effective in modern beauty care.

Trust the professional and book for Acid Facials with Giulia to solve your skin problems or just treat your skin with love that it deserves!

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